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Children’s Orthodontics in Eastvale & Norco 

A healthy smile begins when children are young, and our doctors are passionate about delivering dental care for lasting oral health. As early as age six, some children need orthodontic treatment to correct teeth misalignment. Around this time, Drs. Lan T. Dinh and Viet Dinh examine your child’s smile to see if they require early or phase one orthodontic care. Whether they have bite problems or severe teeth misalignment, Eastvale Dental and Orthodontics provides children’s orthodontics in Corona.


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Correcting Misalignment for a Beautiful Smile

Your child’s permanent teeth may not grow in properly due to a number of factors. The most common of which is hereditary malocclusion, where the child inherits alignment issues. Other factors include habits such as thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier use. Misalignment is also caused by lost, extra, or improperly formed teeth. In all cases, Eastvale Dental and Orthodontics is here to help.

It’s crucial to examine the function of your child’s smile to address these issues early on, preventing long-term effects. With a straighter smile and proper bite, your child will have their best chance at lasting oral health. With early orthodontic intervention, alignment needs are reduced, making the last round of orthodontic treatment more efficient. By the time they enter middle school, they may not require additional braces treatment.

Comprehensive Braces for Children in Corona

Dentists Lan and Viet Dinh are experienced in helping children obtain straighter smiles. We pride ourselves on being thorough problem solvers and make use of multiple treatments to address multi-faceted issues. From rotated teeth to overbite, we are equipped to treat your child. Our dentists develop a personalized orthodontic plan to ensure they receive fully-custom alignment that addresses their unique needs.

We offer the following orthodontic treatments:

Straighter smiles in Corona & Eastvale, CA
Palate Expanders – This appliance is attached to the back molars and is used to expand the top part of the jaw. This helps create more space for future teeth, preventing crowding and crossbite.

Headgear – Attached to your child’s existing appliance, headgear aids the braces treatment by enhancing the amount of applied force. Only worn a set amount of time, this ensures your child receives the kind of care required for complex bite problems.

Traditional Braces – During Phase I treatment, braces may be attached to existing adult teeth. We offer your child the ability to customize their braces with colored bands and strive to make the alignment process as comfortable as possible.

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We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Please call our office or use the quick contact form below.

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